The Project

Rotan Gas is in advanced stages of developing a LNG receiving facility and infrastructure to deliver gas to satisfy demand in Ghana.

Benefits of the Project

  • Rotan Gas will secure gas supply to Ghana to facilitate the increasing demand for power for hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers.
  • The gas infrastructure will lead to significant economic growth and help to consolidate Ghana’s status as a middle income country.
  • The gas infrastructure will significantly help in realizing the Government of Ghana’s objective in making Ghana a hub of the electricity generation industry in West Africa, generating additional national income.
  • Creation of employment during construction and creation of long term jobs over the 20 year operating period of the FSRU and other gas infrastructure.
  • Rotan Gas will mobilize long term foreign direct investment into the Ghana gas sector bolstering Ghana’s position as one of the more attractive foreign investment destinations in Sub Saharan Africa.

Project Location

Rotan Gas’s infrastructure will be located off the coast of Aboadze, Takoradi in Western Ghana. The site is near the existing Aboadze thermal complex.

Project Abstract

  • LNG Importation: Rotan Gas will import natural gas, a cleaner fossil fuel as compared to liquid fuel or coal, thereby providing a cleaner fuel alternative to IPPs and in turn minimizing environmental emissions.
  • Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU): Rotan Gas will permanently moor a FSRU off the coast of Aboadze. The FSRU will receive, store, and re-gasify LNG into natural gas for power generation. A floating FSRU will have a faster construction cycle as compared to land-based LNG infrastructure and lower environmental and social impact as it will be constructed offshore at a shipyard.
  • Mooring Technology: The FSRU will utilize an island jetty mooring system, which ensures flexibility of the vessel to respond to changing weather patterns and minimizes environmental impact on the seabed. The mooring system selected will also ease ship to ship transfer of the LNG as it can withstand broader weather conditions as compared to other conventional mooring alternatives.
  • Subsea Gas Pipeline: Rotan Gas will build a buried subsea pipeline that will connect the FSRU to gas receiving terminals on-shore Aboadze and into the national gas transmission network.

Project Progress

Rotan Gas is well advanced in its development program and has achieved some major milestones including:

  • Acquisition of a provisional wholesale natural gas supply license, one of the first in the country.
  • Secured LNG supply for a 20 year term from a large multinational player with a global portfolio.
  • Secured FSRU from one of the leading global FSRU providers for a 20+5+5 year term.